New Look

Most customers when buying a product that is part of a set are sometimes faced with the problem of not completing the purchase without having to visit two or more PDP (Product Detail Page). Making the experience of purchasing a product set painful.

The number of drop out sessions across different product sets was alarming and the conversion very low.

The primary objective of this project was to help the customer to buy a product set in a fast and simple way.

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- Led the Design and User Experience.

- Defined process flows, personas, storyboards and user journeys / scenarios.

- Generated design concepts, facilitated whiteboard sessions, created wireframes and interaction models.

- Produced interaction specifications.

Product Detail Page (Before)

PDP = Product Detail Page showing only on product that is part of set


Customer Journey to Buy product set


"As a customer I want to buy product sets in a fast and simple way"

Solution - Customer Journey

PDP - Showing all the set products with a Side Panel to complete the purchase - Option A


Multiple PDP - Bilateral Relationship - All the set products in the same page- Option B


Visuals - Option A


Visuals - Option B


Current Live

MDP - After 2 weeks of A/B testing the numbers and conversion showed us that users prefer Option B


More documentation could be provide on request. Just send me amessage